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Concrete Barrier Gate System

We understand that sometimes access is needed for maintenance or security staff and particularly when the land is up for sale.

Concrete Barrier Gate System

Concrete Barrier Gate System

Our concrete barrier gate system is used in conjunction with 2 full length concrete barriers to provide security needed and also allowing access to approved personnel, padlocks can be supplied by yourselves if preferred or us.  The system is delivered and installed easily with our in house vehicles which can crane the gate to where it’s required, along with any further barriers you may need.

The steel gates are secured to 2 full length Stop Block concrete barriers, 1 at either end whose hinges have been concreted into the barriers during manufacture.

The gates are available in 5m and 3m lengths (plus barriers) and are available for hire or purchase.

The picture below show a 5m gate being used with one of the barriers at a different angle to the gate.  Our specially designed hinges enable the barriers to be swivelled and placed as a horizontal line or at any angle required.  This is ideal for when access is needed on a corner of a plot, where 1 barrier can be positioned length ways and one at right angles or any degree in between.


barrier gate system

Gate barrier system

5m Gate barrier system in situ


This system gives added security as the barriers can be used to fill in any spaces which may allows access as shown in photo above.  As there are no posts concreted into the ground,when the gate barrier system is removed there are no holes or damage to the ground. This is ideal on no dig sites or when the property is up for sale.

If barriers are placed in a line then total length of security given is 11m with a 5m gate and 9m with a 3m gate.


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