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Half Length Concrete Barrier – Stop Block

Half Length Concrete Barrier

A smaller, forkliftable concrete barrier, ideal for smaller gaps, hoarding, scaffold weights or when they need to be moved regularly.

Dimensions:1485mm (L)x760mm (H)x440mm (D)
Nominal Weight:1.15T    

This smaller concrete block is very versatile and we’re finding an increasing need for them being required as kentledge scaffold weights and on ‘no dig’ sites to prevent hoarding blowing over.  Due to their weight we can carry the high number of  20 per load on an artic or rigid & trailer combination which helps bring the cost down when a high number are required.  We can deliver and position them exactly where you require with our specialist lorry mounted crane & grab system.


Smaller forkliftable barriers

Smaller forkliftable barriers

Half length barrier being used as scaffold weights

Half length barrier being used as scaffold weights

Advantages of using the shorter reinforced Half Length concrete barrier.

  • Fix hoarding to as per new regulations on ‘no dig’ sites
  • Will secure smaller areas -doorways/small gaps.
  • Forkliftable –  ideal for overnight security for roller shutters.
  • Suitable to block off pavements
  • Kentledge weights for scaffolding
  • Posts can be added during manufacture to secure boards/fencing to.
  • Available for long or short term hire or purchase.
  • Reinforced with T10 rebar
  • Height can be adjusted during manufacture to suit your requirements

The rough cast half length concrete barrier is delivered with our dedicated lorry mounted cranes ensures a quick, efficient, cost effective solution.

All Stop Block concrete barrier products are for use on private land only.

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( We also manufacture full length barriers, planter blocks and custom concrete barriers )

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