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Planter Block

Planter Block – Ornamental Concrete Security barriers 

Dimensions:        3000mm (L) x760mm(H) x525mm(W)

Nominal weight: 2.25T unplanted

Standard Planter Block

Standard Planter Block

These Planters are designed to give quick and efficient security providing all the benefits of our standard full length concrete barrier with the additional benefit of being pleasing to the eye. They are rough cast , as all our barriers are, therefore the edges and sides haven’t got clean smooth edges.  They can be used in a large variety of situations: preventing vehicular access onto land, ram raiding, fly tipping and so on….

The two large 100 Litre troughs in the concrete barrier are large enough for a quantity of plants to give colour & interest throughout the year. The planters can be planted with low maintenance shrubs with minimal care required or with seasonal plants as shown in image above. They have a drainage hole in each trough that prevents the possibility of stagnant water around the plants. The Planters are delivered and positioned where you require and then you can fill them with plants of your choice – full planting instructions can be supplied.

Painted Planter Block prior to planting

Painted Planter Block prior to planting

  • 3000mm(L) x760mm(H) x 525mm(D)
  • 2 x 100 L planting troughs in each planter
  • 2.25 T unplanted weight
  • We can paint your own colour selection if required
  • Reflectors can be added
  • Delivery is made simply and easily with our specialist lorries
  • Ideal for use where the area is to be kept smart and attractive
  • Can be used in conjunction with our Stop Block concrete barriers

Being the same height as the other Stop Block barriers products the Planter Block compliments the other barriers in our range when used alongside each other.

All Stop Block concrete barrier products are for use on private land only.

We manufacture both The Planter Block and The Stop Block concrete barriers to provide a quick, efficient, reliable service.

( We also manufacture full length barriers, half length concrete barriers and custom concrete barriers )

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