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Concrete Barrier FAQS

Concrete Barrier FAQS

1)    Is it best to hire or purchase the concrete barriers?

This depends on how long you wish to hire for.

If the barriers are just needed for short term then hiring is the cheapest option, with removal of the barriers when you want.  No hire period needs to be given when placing your order as the hire can be on a rolling month by month.

If you know that the concrete barriers will be needed for long term (over 9 months) then purchase is the cheapest option.  You can phone when you’ve finished with the barriers and we may offer a buy back subject to current stock and future requirements. – check out our purchase or hire page for more advice.

Our Planter Block is available for purchase only


2)    How is delivery & positioning of the barriers made?

Positioning of the barriers is included in our delivery quote.  We have our own specialist lorry mounted cranes which can position them exactly where you need with a block grab under remote control. All our drivers have current ALLMI licenses, hold CPCS cards and are NVQ level 3 qualified in use of the lorry loader.

10 barriers can be delivered on an artic load and up to 5 on a smaller rigid lorry.

Timed deliveries can be made on request

If you can’t be there on site, we can position the barriers where you require, take photos and then email them over once completed.


3)    Are your barriers reinforced?

Yes, the concrete blocks, concrete barriers and the Planter Block are all made from C30 strength concrete, we then reinforce them with lengths of T10 steel for maximum strength.


4)     How soon can you deliver?

We aim for 24hours.

As we manufacture the concrete barriers and deliver ourselves, this ensures we can provide a quick efficient & cost effective service.


5)    Can the Stop Block barrier be used anywhere?

As long as you own the land we can supply the barriers, our barriers are not for use on the highway.

The Stop Block barriers can be used anywhere where we can position them, alternatively, we have a half length barrier that is forkliftable


6)    Do I need Insurance?

The concrete barriers and blocks are for use on private land so review your insurance polices for theft or damage.  Plus also liability insurance, this ensures that you will be covered if someone claims against the positioning of the concrete barrier and that it may have caused inconvenience or damage. We have complete and comprehensive public liability and employer liability insurance.


7)    Do I have to be there on delivery?

No, all our drivers are very experienced.  If you send over plans or instructions of where you’d like the concrete barriers put, the driver will follow your requirements and can take photos which will be emailed over to you if needed.


8)    Can the barriers be moved by anyone?

Our heaviest barrier is 2.25T and nearly 3m long, the acts as a major deterrent to people wanting to get on your land.  We have large lorry mounted cranes from sizes 28T – 51.8T which position these barriers using a specialist block grab.  So, as they are one of biggest security barriers, they are not moved around easily.

Concrete Barrier FAQS – Here are the most common questions asked about concrete barrier security

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