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Concrete Barrier News and Offers – Our latest news and offers on our Stop Block concrete barrier products.

Updated Current Offers

Please see below for latest bargains – call us on 01992 444900 for prices

Remaining for sale are:

1) A number of ex hire full length barriers that unsuitable to send out on hire again as damaged/cracked – to be sold for cheap price, varying conditions – contact us if you require a quote or photos

2) 2 x 2.5m (L) x 0.8m (H) x 0.6m at base reducing to 0.2m at top  – have space for forklift extensions –  photos available – weight unsure – condition used but not too bad

3) 1 x 1.5m (L) x 0.75m (H) x 0.5m (W) non forkliftable good condition – photos available – weight unsure – condition used but good.

Photo’s are available so if  you’re  interested in any of the above, please give us a call or email (info@naivette.co.uk or info@concrete-security-barriers.co.uk)and we’ll get back to you.


Another busy year with the main rise being in the purchase of barriers rather than hire, with a 60% increase in overall sales.  We put this down to mainly the use of Stop Block full length barriers as hostile vehicle mitigation to protect the public at major attractions such as Royal Festival Hall London and RAF Hendon Museum.

We’ve had new moulds designed so we can increase production that, along with a delivery of a new specialist delivery vehicle and another one being ordered this year, will help us keep up with what will hopefully be another good year.

Once again, a big big thank you to all our hardworking and enthusiastic staff, loyal, longstanding customers and obviously the new ones we saw this year too.

Clients Use of Half length barrier

Below shows how the Stop Block barriers can be used in addition with other aids to provide segregation between car park & shop to and help to prevent any ram raiding.

Barriers being used in conjunction with guard rails


New Specialist Articulated unit.

We have now received our new Volvo artic unit c/w lorry loader.  This vehicle shows our commitment to reduce our carbon emissions as complies with all future 2019 ULEZ emission regulations.

As well as towing a 40ft flat bed trailer, we have have the lorry adapted so up to 3 barriers can be delivered to the tightest of spots with an adapted short body flat bed as per photos below.








This vehicle is fully FORS Silver compliant c/w indirect vision aids such as vulnerable road user scanners & cameras.

V Festival – Chelmsford

Below of small sample of large quantity of barriers delivered to Chelmsford for the V Festival.






Royal Festival Hall – Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Unfortunately, we are getting an increasing number of enquiries for the use of barriers to prevent hostile vehicle mitigation.  The use of concrete barriers helps prevent vehicles being driven into crowds or groups of pedestrians by terrorists.

Below are photos of our barriers in place at the Southbank centre, Royal Festival Hall , London.

Painted Barriers

We can customise your barriers however you wish.  The barriers below were requested to be painted red and white in a design by our client.

They were positioned on various sites to protect users of the concrete batching plants.

red and white concrete barriers



RAF Hendon

We are seeing increased requests for the barriers to be used for hostile vehicle mitigation.  Below our barriers have been sunk into the ground to offer a secure solid line of vehicle security barriers, which separates the museum from the car park. Wooden tops were then going to added to improve the appearance and provide seating.

A line of vehicle security barriers

Full length barriers protecting RAF Hendon












Barriers into Stratford Olympic Park

As we aren’t far away we get requests for the hire of barriers into the Olympic Park for short term when they have events on to protect the public form any vehicles.

30 years of Naivette!!

2017 represents 30 years of Naivette trading – initially as a father and son partnership and then in year 2000 as a limited company.  Our company has gone from strength to strength – which we put down to great personal customer service right from the office staff through to the drivers – from the 1st to the final point of contact.

All our staff have been with us a long time and we want to thank them for their past and continuing support.

Year End 2016

Well that one flew by!  Increased sales – nearly double that of previous year kept us very busy.  Which possibly means land owners weren’t confident in present market and thought that it would be more cost effective to purchase than hire if they couldn’t sell.  We don’t offer a buy back facility except where the clients contract insists on it, but we do say to give us a call when your use of the barriers has finished.

Also the new security barrier gate system is proving popular – ideal where access is needed but security is required.

Another big thank you for all our customers new and long standing and we wish you all the best for 2017.

Protecting a new warehouse facility

Along with the fencing the full length concrete barriers are offering the best protection for this new warehouse

Full length barriers protecting a new warehouse

The British Museum – London

Photo below shows some of the full length barriers that are on hire at the British Musuem

On hire to The British Museum London

Latest product: Gate with barrier system

Following requests, we have developed a steel security gate that can be used in conjunction with our full length concrete barriers.  This provides security but allows access when required if authorised vehicles are needing to get onto the property.  They are locked with padlock and key or combination lock.

The photo below shows a 5m gate being used with 2 x 2.25T full length concrete barriers, the barriers are shown at right angles to the gates but they can be swivelled around and used in a long line or we understand that every site is different so the barriers can be positioned at whatever angle is needed.

The gates are available in 3 & 5m lengths, along with 2 x 3m barriers and are available for hire or purchase.

Steel gate barrier system

Steel gate barrier system

More information will follow but please don’t hesitate to call on 01992 444900 or email: info@concrete-security-barriers.co.uk


Once again a big thank you to our of our customers new and old for making 2015 another successful year.  This year, we found that it was the numbers of  barriers on hire which increased dramatically, with the quantity at the end of the year being double that of end of 2014.   We had a very busy final couple of weeks before Christmas with everyone seeming to want their property protected over the Christmas break.

We have continued to update our delivery fleet throughout the year and all our experienced staff have been with us 12+ years, therefore  we are looking forward and prepared for 2016.

Getting ready for Christmas!!

Lakeside Shopping Centre in Thurrock is getting ready for Christmas!

Photos show our concrete barriers being used to protect Father Christmas Grotto

barriers in car park protection photo

Ready for London’s Ultra Low Emissions

We are pleased to add a new rigid Scania to our fleet with a complete with 34T Cormach lorry loader.  This vehicle is up to date with the latest low emissions and is fully compliant with FORS and Crossrail requirements & also with the future new Ultra Low Emission Zone when this comes into effect in London 2020

Compatible with latest City Emissions


Half Barriers supporting heras fence panels at Goldsmiths University London SE1

The pictures below show our half length concrete barrier in place at Goldsmiths University.  They were used to support construction fencing at a no dig site and protect the visitors and pupils while an art event was taking place.

Half length barrier supporting construction fencing

Half length barrier supporting construction fencing


Barriers protecting visitors at Goldsmith University London

Barriers protecting visitors at Goldsmith University London




As well being gaining FORS silver accreditation, we are now accredited with Constructionline.  This shows major buyers that might be looking for barriers to support hoarding on ‘no dig’ sites, kentledge blocks for their scaffolding or just to block off an entrance to secure the site, that our company is run to a high standard and follows all Health & Safety requirements.

constructionline logo


 FORS Silver accreditation

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully achieved Silver accreditation with FORS.

FORS is a method of recognising fleet operations which comply with the requirements of the FORS standard. The FORS standard is based upon lawfulness, safety, efficiency, and environmental protection.   This is an achievement we are very proud of.

FORS silver logo (1)


New Lorry ordered

Due to demands on the business for delivery of concrete barriers, a new Scania has been ordered, which will hopefully be added to the fleet early this summer.  This vehicle will be up to date with all current FORS regulations and will be  CrossRail compliant.


 FORS annual Audit

Our annual audit was successful showing then we provide a safe and up to date company in all areas of our business.



Year 2014

This last year we have seen a massive 28% increase in concrete barrier sales with all our products proving more popular than in previous years. They are not just being used to protect vacant land but are now increasingly being sold to companies using them to secure hoarding to on ‘no dig’ long term sites.

The hire of barriers is still a major part of our business, we have seen some long term hire now coming to an end as the land /warehouse/building has now been sold or rented out – which is great news for the local areas.

May we also remind  our customers that our company is FORS accredited – which shows that we run our business to a high level of standard and safety.

We would like to give a Big Thank You all our customers new and old for their custom and hope that 2015 will be just as successful for all of us.


Barriers at Stansted Airport

Our full length barriers positioned exactly where required at for use as protection to the future tyre compound at Stansted Airport


Fencing fitted to top of our barriers at Stansted Airport

Fencing fitted to top of our barriers at Stansted Airport




Barriers used with hoarding

The photo below shows exactly where our barriers can be used in conjunction with hoarding.  This job was in Leeds, our client purchased our full length concrete barriers and secured the hoarding on top.

The barriers provides security for the site by preventing ram raiding , prevents damage to the road where the hoarding would normally have to be secured directly into the ground and also helps prevent the hoarding being blown down easily.

Wates Leeds (3)



FORS Accreditation gained

We are are pleased to announce gaining FORS Bronze accreditation.  This qualification will  be compulsory for any hauliers working in London and shows that accredited companies are up to date with all current health & safety requirements regarding other vulnerable road users ie, fitting of cameras, sensors etc for cyclists and that our staff are fully qualified and vehicles operated properly.  All aspects of our company were audited and we passed on our first audit.

Even though it’s not compulsory yet,  alot of sites are not allowing deliveries unless the haulier has this qualification, therefore we will be able to deliver all your concrete barrier or block requirements without any problems.





Scaffold counter weights

We have found an increasing need for the hire of our concrete barriers and blocks to be used as counterweights for scaffolding.  The half length barrier has proved very popular as it is forkliftable, although all sizes can be lifted into position by our lorry mounted cranes.

scaffold weight (2)scaffold weight 2 (640x480)


Custom Barriers being loaded ready for delivery as part of 2nd load to protect buildings from vehicles parking & turning.

yellow & black barriers


The Year “2013”

We are pleased to report yet another year with increased barrier sales, particulary in the sale of our half size barrier.  This has proved very popular for use as scaffolding weights and for use with hoarding fencing with sales increased by a whopping  300%!

We also had a 75% increase in barriers on hire, whilst some of this is taken up with the half length barrier on scaffolding, the remainder is for our popular Full Length Stop Block barrier.  This rise in rental quantities could be due to the decision of some companies to decide to rent the barriers  instead of purchase as their confidence has grown in the sales market and hope that the hire  will only be for the short term and therefore cost effective.

In any case, we are very delighted in our growth for the 6th year running, and would like to thank all our customers new and old for their confidence in our company and products.  We take pride in giving great customer service from your initial contact with us through to the delivery and this growth shows that we’ve got that right.


Addition to our Fleet

We are pleased to add another new scania to our fleet, this ensures that all our lorries are in line with the latest environmental regulations & LEZ emissions so therefore produce the least amount of pollution possible.  Ideal for transporting the concrete barriers into London and all major cities.


EU 63 FCL            New Scania


London Borough of Hounslow were after a smarter way of securing this piece of land, to keep the area secure from trespassers and fly tipping.  We supplied our 3m long concrete Planters to  site all painted and signwritten in the Council’s colours ready for planting.

These Planters along with the supply and installation of the fence panels ensures that the area is kept clear of rubbish.


London Borough of Hounslow

Land secured for London Borough of Hounslow

Land secured for London Borough of Hounslow


We currently have around half a dozen Stop Block half length barriers that have come up slightly lower in height on manufacture (all heights not the same).
These are in new condition so perfect if you’re not wanting something too big but still want them to look smart

We also have 5 x smaller blocks that have been used on site already – so they aren’t  too pretty.
sizes – 900mm(L) x900mm(H) x500(D)

Photo’s are available so if  you’re  interested in any of the above, please give us a call or email and we’ll get back to you.

The year “2012”

Sales of both the full and half length Stop Block concrete barriers have risen again in 2012, this is for the 5th year running.

The same has happened with the quantities of concrete barriers on hire. This is due to not only a large number of repeat custom but also a high level of new customers.

There are a steadily increasing number of companies offering concrete barriers; therefore our results show that we are continuing to provide a high level of service and competitive prices.

We are one of the original companies to offer concrete barriers to use as security and our results show that we are at the top of our game.

Hockey Venue – Olympics – March 2012

The Olympics continue to provide great business – as 230 of the full length concrete barriers are used around the hockey venue.

Low Emissions – Dec 2011

Our barriers are delivered with our dedicated delivery vehicles and we are pleased to add a new ’61 plate Scania to our fleet.

This new lorry ensures that all our vehicles are up to date with all the latest regulations and produce the lowest emissions which have the least possible effect on the environment.

Planters for Maldon District Council, Essex

We have just delivered concrete security Planters to Maldon in Essex. They have been delivered to Maldon District Council to protect the playground area from unwanted vehicular access. The Planters add this protection and security but will be planted up with flowers to look more pleasing to the visitors.

Police Recommendation

Our concrete barriers have been recommended to a company who contacted Hertfordshire Police looking for security to their land after the area was being continually used by trespassing motorbikes. Our Stop Block concrete barriers are in use to secure the land of the former Hertford Police Station, therefore the Police put our name forward.

As the land owner wasn’t local to the area, our representative visited the site, took photos and liaised with the Police to advise on the best deterrent.

See the local Newspapers website for more:
Blocks to deter bikers at Hertford’s notorious Archers Springs site

Olympics Athletes Village 2012 – Bovis Lend Lease

An additional 132 full length STOP BLOCK concrete barriers were ordered over December by Bovis Lend Lease. This is a total so far of 606 of our barriers being used in the Olympic Park.

This repeat ordering shows that the STOP BLOCK concrete barrier does the job and that the company is pleased with our excellent service and competitive prices.

Olympics 2012

A further 100 concrete barriers are delivered to the Olympic Village for Bovis Lend Lease

The total in the Park now exceeds 470 barriers that we supplied & delivered to the Athletes Village for Bovis Lend Lease.

Bournemouth International Airport

They selected our full length Stop Block concrete barriers to protect their runway.

Our dedicated delivery vehicles delivered and positioned over 145 Stop Block concrete barriers with our in house lorry mounted cranes to protect the fence. Our barriers will be used as a terrorist deterrent to stop any cars trying to drive into the line of plane traffic through the fence.


116 full length concrete barriers painted for The Pallet Network Ltd.
The company needed the barriers bright yellow for use as security to prevent ram raiding at their new 315,000 sq ft storage depot in Sutton Coldfield.

They were painted bright yellow before delivery and were delivered and positioned around the interior perimeter of the warehouse and at the entrance.

Olympics Stratford 2012

Bovis Lend Lease order and take delivery of more large Stop Block concrete security barriers and also half length barriers – totally 374 now at the site. The barriers were installed at the Athletes Village area of the Olympics and will be used to direct the delivery vehicles and protect all the workers on site.

Home Delivery Network

We were contacted to provide a product to prevent the constant damage that was being caused to the perimeter fence by reversing lorries as they parked up.

We suggested painting our largest concrete barriers in their company colours and adding reflective lime green stripes which would show up in the dark. The work was carried out before delivery and meant minimum disruption at their depot.

The barriers were then delivered and positioned by our vehicles to provide perfect protection.

Force India HQ – Silverstone

Initially on hire to Eddie Jordan at his former Force India HQ based at Silverstone, our Stop Block concrete barriers (formerly known as Block-Aid) proved so successful that the company went on to purchase some of the barriers. The newspaper article above is from The Mail on Sunday.




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