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Using Concrete Barriers

Using concrete barriers is very simple, we can provide all information and advice you need to ensure you make the right choice of barriers for your requirements.

Our concrete barriers and blocks can be useful in many different circumstances on private land. The largest full length barriers at just under 3m long and weighing 2.25T,  using these larger concrete barriers is perfect for prevention of unauthorised vehicle access, preventing fly tipping, vehicle segregation and much more and a major deterrent to trespassers.

Our smaller concrete block at just under 1.5m and 1.15T is forkliftable and very versatile.   It is ideal to use in smaller areas, doorways, warehouse door protection and also as Kentledge blocks to provide a weight for site scaffolding and to prevent hoarding blowing over on ‘no dig’ sites.

We also offer a 3m long Planter Block which weigh 2.25T when empty, this barrier product has 2 large planting troughs, therefore it provides security and is more pleasing to the eye when full of plants and flowers.

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As we manufacture the Stop Block concrete barriers, concrete blocks and have own lorry mounted cranes, this provides a quick and efficient service.

Here are just a few advantages of using concrete barriers, Stop Blocks and concrete blocks for security and peace of mind:

Using Concrete Barriers

  • Secures Perimeters of Buildings, Land or Car Parks >> MORE
  • Secures Site Construction Hoarding >> MORE
  • Preventing Illegal Fly Tipping >> MORE
  • Ram Raid Protection >> MORE
  • Splits Traffic And Pedestrians >> MORE
  • Preventing Trespass >> MORE
Our half length concrete block being used as a scaffold weight

Our half length concrete block being used as a scaffold weight


Our full elngth concrete barrier protecting work compound

Our full length concrete barrier protecting work compound


Separating traffic from work area

Separating traffic from work area

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