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Construction Hoarding Barrier

Construction Hoarding Barrier – Secures Site Construction Hoarding

Our  barriers are ideal for using with hoarding around building sites. Posts can be added during manufacture to which the hoarding can be secured to on site.  This ensures no panels are blown down with the wind and also secures the site as the hoarding can’t be moved without machinery.

Both of our concrete products are ideal on ‘no dig’ sites where construction hoarding cannot be secured into the ground. Below shows an image of where our full length barrier was used continuously to provide both site security and as a construction hoarding barrier.  Alternatively either these or the half length barrier can be used intermittently to secure hoarding or heras fencing.



Hoarding secured to our barriers

Full length barriers being used as  a construction hoarding barrier

Stop Block Full Length Barrier

Dimensions:2945mm (L)x760mm (H)x440mm (D)
Nominal Weight:2.25T


Half length Concrete barrier

Dimensions:             1485mm(L) x760mm(H) x440mm(D)                                                                               Nominal weight:     1.15T

Both barriers are available for hire or sale

More advantages of using our reinforced Stop Block concrete barriers:

  • No middle men as we produce the barriers ourselves and have our own delivery vehicles
  • Stops vehicles entering your sites
  • Prevents trespassers or kids ‘playing’ on your construction site
  • Suitable to separate the workforce from vehicles
  • Protects boundaries of car parks, land & building sites
  • Inhibits vehicles driving into warehouse doors /roller shutters
  • Our Stop Block barriers are ideal for short or long term use
  • The barriers can be positioned close together as a continuous barrier or placed singularly.

Our half length barriers are also ideal for using as a Construction Hoarding Barrier around building sites as they can be repositioned by forklift as are easy and versatile.


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