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Preventing Fly Tipping

Preventing Fly Tipping

We would recommend our heaviest barrier, the full length barrier to aid in preventing fly tipping.

Weighing 2.25T each and nearly 3m long our Full Length Stop Block concrete barriers are ideal for preventing unauthorised vehicular access onto areas of land to prevent the aggravation of fly tipping.

If you have land that can be accessed, then it is open to abuse by fly tippers. Stop Block concrete security barriers help prevent fly tipping by blocking vehicle movements. If the land is only going to be temporarily vacant, then you can hire the concrete barriers instead of outright purchase.

Please see our barrier page for more information on sizes available or give us a call for any advice or a quote.

London Borough of Hounslow

Our barriers used in conjunction with heras fence panels to help prevent fly tipping

 Fly tipping is the illegal deposit of any waste onto land.  This waste generally consists of large items of rubbish/fridges/gas bottles etc. The consequence of this for you is that you go through the time consuming process of taking the people to court and paying for its clearance.

Stop Block Full Length Block

Dimensions:2945mm (L)x760mm (H)x440mm (D)
Nominal Weight:2.25T


Other advantages of using our reinforced Stop Block concrete barriers:

  • As we manufacture and have in house delivery vehicles, this ensures a quick, easy and efficient service
  • Prevents any unauthorised vehicles travelling onto your land
  • Helps prevent illegal fly tipping and misuse of vacant land
  • Ideal to restrict access through vehicle entrances
  • Make safe vacant warehouses & work areas
  • Protects boundaries of car parks, land & building sites
  • Restricts admittance for vehicles
  • Divides pedestrians & vehicles
  • Inhibits vehicles driving into warehouse doors /roller shutters
  • Our Stop Block barriers are ideal for short or long term use
  • The barriers can be positioned close together as a continuous barrier or placed singularly.

Our Full Length Stop Block concrete barriers are ideal for preventing unauthorised vehicular access onto areas of land to aid in preventing fly tipping.


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