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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Vehicle security barriers are being recommended to be used as hostile vehicle mitigation in crowded places or where queues form. They prevent access to a building or space from hostile vehicles and reduce the vulnerability of the site and lessen vehicle borne threats.

Not only are the concrete barriers a physical security device that provides protection around the perimeter but they also control vehicle access, or close proximity parking to that area. These barriers positioned externally present a strengthened perimeter to dissuade ramming of vehicles.

Vehicle security barriers can also be as a traffic calming measure to limit the speed of approaching vehicles to a manageable level. Stop Block concrete barriers can be positioned to produce a bend or chicane to slow vehicles down.

We are getting increased requests for Stop Blocks to be used either as short term hire at events, where the access by vehicles needs to be prevented to the queuing public or for purchase by museums for protection to the buildings and the queuing public.

Examples of some our projects below:

RAF Hendon

Full length barriers protecting RAF Hendon

A line of vehicle security barriers












Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre

Vehicle security barriers in use at Southbank Centre

Stop Block full length barriers being used for hostile vehicle mitigation

The Full length barriers being used for hostile vehicle mitigation

The V Festival, Chelmsford

Half length barriers being offloaded at V Festival Chelmsfor

Barriers waiting to be positioned by forklift at V Festival Chelmsford



Other projects include RAF Hendon & The British Museum where the barriers have then had wooden tops fitted making them into solid seats with security.  

The barriers can either be hired or purchased depending on length of time needed.

Main Barrier Products

Full Length: 2945mm(L) x 760mm(H) x 440mm(D)         Weight: 2.25T

Half length: 1485mm (L) x 7600mm (H) x 440mm(D)      Weight: 1.15T

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